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Because Of You - Michael Bisio, Cargo Cult (6), Rolf Sturm, Tomas Ulrich - Discovers (CD, Album)

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  1. Quotes tagged as "cargo-cult" Showing of 4 “And the weird weird thing about this story of Angela's Ring was that it didn't even have a point to it, no happy ending, no lesson to be learnt. It was like one person's cry of pain, echoing out on and on and on trough .
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  3. You can succeed by emulating the purported behavior of successful people * This is the key to the cargo cult. To enjoy the success of another, just mimic the rituals he claims to follow.
  4. Jan 05,  · Groups of neolithic peoples who on seeing the arrival of large stores of cargo associated with visitors from industrialized nations establish a religious system based on the idea that a god provides gifts in the form of cargo. supposedly some have made idols in the form of ships and aircraft. The "John Frum" cult of Vanuatu is most famous.
  5. The Cult - Beyond Good And Evil () 01 - War (The Process) 02 - The Saint. 03 - Rise. 04 - Take The Power. 05 - Breathe. 06 - Nico. 07 - American Gothic. If you wish to find a certain band, press CTRL + F, then type its name. In case you find it (if written properly), the background of the name will be painted. Otherwise, the band is not.
  6. A mishmash of varying styles, including rock, metal, punk, and psychedelia, Cargo Cult formed in Austin, TX, in the mid-'80s. A quartet consisting of Big Boys member Randy "Biscuit" Turner on vocals, eventual Jesus Lizard and Tomahawk member Duane Denison on guitar, Don Davis on guitar, and James Bonney on drums, Cargo Cult released their only album, Strange Men Bearing Gifts, on Touch and Go.
  7. Tomas Ulrich's Cargo Cult, Lonely House (CIMP) Tomas Ulrich's Cargo Cult (CIMP) David Arner Trio Porgy/Bess Act I (CIMP) David Arner Trio Out/In the Open (Not Two) David Haney Trio Blue Flint Girl (CIMP) Old Dog By Any Other Name (Porter Records) Jimmy Bennington Trio Another Friend (ThatSwan! Records)
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  9. Cargo Cult Animated production Information from the Sacrebleu Productions Animation Company. Read detailed Cartoon information. See the Cartoon Characters, Crew List and Cartoon Episode Guides.

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