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Naggin Bitch

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  1. That's why a bitch be naggin' When you get here, I'll be gone I've always known, I should'a left yo ass alone That's why a bitch be. When you get here, I'll be gone I've always known, I should'a left yo ass alone That's why a bitch be. Man, you know it's all about your loot And don't be getting mad at me and actin' stupid I ain't the one to be.
  2. Nagging bitch When a bitch is talking or texting and won't stop even if you ask, she just keeps going like it's her job and she putting in overtime! You never know how to stop being a Nagging bitch.
  3. Mar 29,  · Remind them if they ever nag again. Even if you and your parents come up with some rule against nagging, it's likely they'll end up forgetting once in a while-- after all, your parents are human too! If they ever nag you again after a rule is in place, calmly Views: K.
  4. Continued. Â. But like any facet of a relationship, nagging is a two-way street. Â "Obviously, if a woman feels responded to she won't need to keep bringing up the same issues," says Turndorf.
  5. To bug, annoy, irritate. Making a big deal out of doing something small or asking to do something excessively getting more and more pissed off. Mostly done by women afraid to lose something or are insecure. Strains marriage and usually leads to divorce.
  6. Your wife might be having a bad or she might have been in a grumpy mood for the last few years. If you want to let your wife know that you have had enough of mood swings, use one of our snappy comebacks below. Be warned, if you use one of these comebacks you will probably have to cook your own dinner!
  7. May 30,  · Married 45 years and had sex once then the nagging started. I moved to our basement and she has the upstairs and the I worked 40 plus years on the midnight shift and took no vacations. That way I ddn't have to be home. She finally got tired of listening to herself bitch and moan. That worked for me and solved probably alot of problems.
  8. I should have left that bitch alone But now I'm stuck with (NAGGIN) [Verse 3: D Roc] One day I got shot by Cupid In the midst of this, relationship went stupid We went from talkin' on the phone.

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